Safety Shower & Eye Wash

Booth Type

Model AE-2500 Stainless Steel

These units are used for the place where needed to collect waste water not to wet by waste water. Or used for the place in dust atmosphere.

Model AE-2500

Shower Head : 254 mm diameter stainless steel.

Shower Valve : Stainless steel 1" stay-open ball valve operated by stainless steel pull rod with handle.

Eye Wash : Chrome plated brass twin soft eye wash head assembly with pressure letdown device mounted in 254 mm diameter stainless steel bowl.

Eye Wash valve : Stainless steel ½"stay-open ball valve operated by stainless steel push handle or foot pedal.

Pipe and Fittings : 1¼" stainless steel or galvanized steel pipe and fittings.

Booth : Stainless steel frame and transparent acrylic both sides, Drainage, Shower curtain or Door

Water Supply and Drain : 1" PT(NPT),

1¼" PT(NPT) or 1½"PT (NPT)



       Light, Bell, Horn, Alarm Switches.