Safety Shower & Eye Wash

Platform Type

Model AE-1190 Stainless Steel

These walk-in shower and eye wash units are high visible first-aid station and operated by grating.


      Model AE-1190

Shower head : 254 mm diameter stainless steel.

Eye Wash : Chrome plated brass twin soft flow eye wash head assembly with pressure letdown device mounted in 254 mm diameter stainless steel bowl.

Valves : The separate spring self closing 1¼"shower valve and 1" eye wash valve operated by grating.

Hose Bib : Chrome plated brass hose bib.

Pipe and Fittings : Stainless steel pipe and fittings.

Platform and hand rail : Hot dip galvanized or painted steel platform and hand rail.

Water Supply : 1½"PT(NPT)

Drain : "1½PT(NPT) or 2"PT(NPT)