Safety Shower & Eye Wash

Freeze Proof Under-Ground

Model AE-1170 Stainless Steel

These advanced, freeze proof models are proper to install on under-ground piping at outdoor, and not necessary of heat tracing and insulation for cold weather. The separate freeze proof valve operated by the push handle wastes the remained water automatically after water supply.


  Model AE-1170 Stainless Steel

  Shower Head : 254 mm diameter stainless steel.

  Shower Valve : Stay-open brass 1½"freeze proof valve    operated by stainless steel push handle.

  Eye Wash : Chrome plated brass twin soft flow eye wash head    assembly with pressure letdown device mounted in 254 mm    diameter stainless steel bowl.

  Eye Wash Valve : Stay-open brass 1" freeze proof valve    operated by stainless steel push handle.

  Pipe and Fittings : 1¼"stainless steel pipe and fittings with

   230 mm diameter floor flange.

  Water Supply and Drain : 1" PT(NPT), 1¼"PT(NPT) or

   1½"PT (NPT)

  Depth of bury for freeze proof valves : 20" to 72" (500 mm    to 1,830 mm)