Safety Shower & Eye Wash

Model AE-1160 Stainless Steel

These combination units provide large volume of water to wash body and eyes

when the instant action valves are opened, where exists corrosive atmospheres.

Model AE-1160

Shower Head : 254 mm diameter stainless steel.

Shower Valve : Stainless steel 1" stay-open ball valve operated by stainless steel pull rod with handle.

Eye Wash : Chrome plated brass twin soft eye wash head assembly with pressure letdown device mounted in 254 mm diameter stainless steel bowl.

Eye Wash valve : Stainless steel ½" stay-open ball valve operated by stainless steel push handle or foot pedal.

Pipe and Fittings : 1¼" stainless steel pipe and fittings with 230 mm diameter floor flange.

Water Supply and Drain : 1" PT(NPT), 1¼" PT(NPT) or 1½"(NPT)


Light, Bell, Horn, Identification Sign, Alarm Switches.